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Getting started with Transmate shipments

Welcome! You are completely new to Transmate? Don't worry we can get you around quickly!

Setting up Transmate

You probably want to start by personalizing Transmate: personalizing the account with logo and some master data. You also can add members to you team. Read here more on your account. Once set-up you can add partnerships or add locations to your address book, or start creating shipments right away.


The online documentation is your first port of call for definitive information. Our knowledge base gives you basic information about the platform and gets you started. If you need more information & walk through's, you can find these here.


Have a specific question, please read our FAQ section

Need more help?

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Gepubliceerd June 01, 2022
Bijgewerkt: June 01, 2022
Gepost door: Philip Poppe
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