Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) Charge

ENtry Summary Declaration (ENS) is a declaration required by the EU. As of 31/12/2010, EU Regulation 1875/2006 made it mandatory for all carriers to file an ENS declaration inbound in EU ports.

Carriers need to file this declaration (for all cargo scheduled to load on a vessel that is calling to the EU port) with EU customs 24 hours prior to loading at origin port.

Note: ENS can also be filed by a freight forwarder (when carrier has given approval).

Process of filing:

  • shipper / customer provides information on the cargo
  • carrier updates information for filing with the EU customs
  • Information is submitted to the EU customs
  • carrier await response from EU customs
  • either: negative response - Do Not Load (DNL); carrier can update and re-submit ; cargo / container may not be loaded on DNL message

  • either: positive response - cargo can be loaded

Charges can be applied by carriers.

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