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Optimize & automate your supply chain

Rate management, Freight tendering, Invoice control & TMS
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freight cost reduction up to 20% through tender & audit
15-20% time saving in customer service
Save 15% admin and invoice handling time
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Why transmate?

Transmate seamlessly integrates freight procurement with your logistics operations. Manage your shipments with our cloud TMS, collect spot rates or work with pre-tendered freight. Transmate covers the full freight procure-to-pay process and integrates invoice auditing alongside TMS and rate management.

Transmate can be used as a standalone platform with limited configuration or as an integration. Our integration services allows you to extend your existing ERP functionality and can be used as an extension or fully automated service.

Integrating? Our integration team boasts an excellent track record on delivering in time and within budget.

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A complete transport management system in the cloud. Plan, allocate and book shipments as a standalone platform or using our ERP integration services. Initiate spot tenders or find best fit carriers using the integrated freight tendering solutions.
Share shipment information with all connected value chain partners in real time. Use the mobile tracking app to manage own fleet and get instant updates.

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Rate management

Manage all your freight rates centrally and automatically assign costs in shipments. Transmate can automatically select carriers based on rate and service level using the integrated rate sheets.

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Freight tendering

Transmate let's you set up freight tenders in minutes. Build bid packages from historical data or upload datasets from excel. Set your requirements & track responses in the integrated dashboard. The built-in communication tool let's you broadcast messages to participants or allows to communicate one on one.

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Invoice auditing

Audit freight invoices using Transmate's freight engine. Integrated, stand-alone or fully serviced.

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Road Transport

Spot rate tendering

Manage and automate spot rate requests for all your freight

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No touch orders and integrated optimization

Learn how Transmate & Solvice can provide optimized transport plannings with large potential savings for your business through route optimization, automated bookings and communication tools.

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Invoice Control

Use the Invoice-Control module to automate your invoice process. Get insight into your transport invoices. Send credit notes for differences.

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Ocean Freight

Ocean freight Invoices

Learn more about ocean freight invoices.

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Integrated tender cycle

Transmates view on the future of tendering!

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Freight procurement

Read more about different freight procurement strategies. When to choose fixed contract tendering or go for spot rates?

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