Take control over your freight management

Control tower and optimization platform to improve your supply chain.
request and compare rates

Request transport rates from your partners and analyze them in minutes

Manage and track shipments

Automate time consuming operations like delivery tracking by Transmate control tower with alerts

perform invoice verification

Compare invoice with calculated shipment cost based on integrated price lists

measure carrier performance

Get instant transport performance insights with custom build dashboards

The future is in your hands now. Finally

Take control over your supply chain, reduce waste and save time, money and resources.

30% reduction in booking costs 
17% reduction in freight costs
15-20% time saving in customer service 
Save 15% admin and invoice handling time with invoicing matching 

Automate your logistics operations

Save time and cost by automating your supply chain operations by automatically booking shipments, exchanging shipment information and document management.

A customizable tracking portal lets your customers track their goods.

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Collect and manage your rates

Take control of your costs by managing your shipping rates, automatic rate calculations and freight invoice management.

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Get more out of your freight tenders

Spend less time in executing freight tender exercises and more on decision making using Transmate freight tender simulation tool. See best fit carriers and compare service level as well as price.

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Visualize and analyze your data

Get better insights in your logistics operations using Transmate integrated analytics. Track in real-time your performance using Transmate integrated dashboard allowing you to check KPI’s and statuses

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Stay Connected

Centralize all shipment data and updates with easy data connections: EDI, csv, mobile app and data collection interfaces. Smart mapping algorithms reduce implementation time on data connections to a minimum set-up time.

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Beyond the last mile

Transmate can help you improving your flows through network optimization and freight tender optimization. Contact us for more information on optimization and other services.

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Receive rate requests from existing and new customers

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