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Freight Tender Management

Streamline the freight tender process and get the best rates for your business. Our easy-to-use platform will help you find the best carriers for your needs.

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Freight Tendering made easy

Save time in your freight tender process. Set up bidding templates, invite bidders, and automate the full tender process using Transmate's freight tender platform. Let Transmate handle all communication from and to the bidders, track missing bids, and validate the offers. Integrated analysis helps you drill down in all bids and find the best-fit carriers in no time.

Automated communication

Let Transmate handle all communication to and from bidders. See who opened their communication and who is not reacting

Bidding templates

Set up bidding templates in minutes from earlier tenders or existing rate cards and define your bidding constraints. Let Transmate guide you in setting up your tenders.


Run various simulations over the offered rates and benchmark vs historical rates, actuals or other templates.

Select best-fit

Select best-fit carriers and roll out the rates to the organization in no time, using Transmate's rate management platform.

Running the freight tender

Transmate's tender platform is a great way for shippers to efficiently and effectively manage their freight tender. With its intuitive functions, users can quickly set up a freight tender, observe bidding templates and constraints, as well as tracking the performance of bidders during the process. What's more, integrated simulation analysis tools help to identify the best-fit carrier for transporting goods in terms of optimal transport costs, making it an effective solution for managing logistics operations.

Transmate's tender platform offers an innovative and streamlined solution for carriers and forwarders participating in freight tenders. Freight tender processes can be complex and tedious, but with Transmate's platform, the stress of proposal submission is significantly reduced. All requirements are clearly listed upfront and inputs are thoroughly validated to ensure accuracy. What's more, the platform provides direct communication with the tender owner as well as an integrated FAQ, making it easier to gain a better understanding of any queries related to freight tendering.

Transmate freight tender - timeline screenshot
Save time in setup

Transmate lets you set up a freight tender quickly and easily. Set up bidding templates, load historical volumes into bid packages, and set bidding requirements to get started right away.

Track participants and propsals

See which bidders have opened their invites, have placed the orders and who is idle. Every step along the way

Integrated analysis & simulation

Various integrated analysis and simulation reports allow you to benchmark proposals versus actual costs, Transmate's cost model and earlier tenders. See which proposals are best and who to invite for a second round.

Find best-fit carriers

Easily select best-fit carriers or forwarders for your lanes. Save in logistics costs by selecting the carrier that offers the best service for the best price.


Roll out

Simplifying the implementation of a freight tender requires the use of an integrated rate management platform, like Transmate. Our platform ensures that tendered rates can be easily rolled out across your organization, letting your team access up-to-date freight rate data. With optional complementary tools to help speed up tender implementation, planners, sales and accounting teams alike can calculate applicable freight rates. Embrace the power of Transmate's rate management system that can automatically select applicable carriers in the complementary TMS or as a callable API service for your ERP or WMS. Why not leverage the ability to easily roll out freight rates today with Transmate?

Roll out
Rate management

Roll out the new selected rates from your freight tender to your organization using the complementary rate management platform. Avoid excel sheet version confusion and ensure correct adoption right from the start.

Rate lookup & simulation tools

Help your organization teams such as the sales department to easily access the newly acquired rates by offering them rate lookup tools and simulations.

Integrate with shipping operations

When integrating with Transmate's TMS or using Transmate's freight allocation API in your ERP, Transmate can immediately select the carriers from the new acquired rates.

Freight Invoice audits

Automatically verify your freight invoices versus the newly applied rate cards, spotting cost discrepancies and errors with ease.

Fully serviced freight tenders

Freight tenders can be complicated and time-consuming, but Transmate offers a serviced freight tender that can help. The Freight team will work with you to understand your requirements and draft a tender package, then assist in selecting the bidders and monitoring the progress throughout the bidding stages. Furthermore, they provide consultation during simulations so you can be sure you're getting the best fit carrier at an optimal rate of shipping costs. Monitor progress using the Freight Tender Control Tower view to ensure that all objectives are being met and make necessary adjustments as needed - giving peace of mind along with time savings.

Freight tender process
Shipping profile

Transmate's tender team will do a full scan of your flows and generate a shipping profile, from which tender packages are created. Get a clean bidding template from which the tender is launched and a set of requirements for the bidders from our consultants.

Fully managed freight tenders

Unburden yourself and let us handle your freight tender. We will ensure all requirements are listed, bidding templates are ready and the right partners are selected. We monitor progress and escalate only if necessary.

You stay in control

You stay in control at all times. You get full access to the tender platform and can see which partners are participating, who have placed bids and what proposals they made.

Advanced simulations

Our tender team can go beyond the normal simulations and can generate in depth scenario analysis on the proposals that have been received: optimized solutions for a fixed set of carriers, enforce multiple carriers, penalization scenario's for new carriers etc.

How can Transmate's tender platform help me?

For you as a Shipper:

  • Compare contractor rates quickly and easily
  • Spend less time on tedious tasks and more time in strategic thinking
  • Get a full cost breakdown with integrated analysis
  • Easy roll-out to your organization

For shippers looking for a convenient and efficient way to optimize their tender process, the Transmate Freight Tender Platform is an ideal solution. Unlike manual tendering processes, this platform allows shippers to quickly start a tender, create packages and submit them to carriers and forwarders. Additionally, all communications between the shipper and bidders are automated, making it simpler for busy teams. The platform also includes simulation analysis capabilities so that shippers can locate the best-fit carrier for their cargo and save both time and money. With the Transmate Freight Tender Platform, shippers can rest assured their tendering process is quick, accurate, and cost-effective.

For me as a Carrier:

  • Place bids quickly and easily.
  • Feel like a bidding champion.
  • All tender information in a single place
  • See my bidding performance in integrated reports

Transmate's tender platform is revolutionizing the way forwarders and carriers bid for freight tenders. Transmate's tender platform simplifies the bidding process by making all of the necessary information easily available in one place. Freight carriers and forwarders can access the platform to prepare their bids, as all inputs get validated prior to submission. Additionally, they can communicate directly with the tender owners and take advantage of an integrated FAQ that helps explain any ambiguities or concerns regarding the proposal. This platform not only provides clarity on requirements but also saves time by bringing all of the necessary components of freight tendering together in a comprehensive package.

How does it work?

Transmate can be used as a stand-alone platform as well as a fully-integrated bolt-on to your ERP, WMS or CMS. As a stand-alone, you can get started with minimal IT requirements. It is possible to get started as stand-alone and to implement a data connection later on.

  • Stand-alone
  • Fully integrated with ERP, WMS or CMS

Transmate is cloud-based and accessible from anywhere, on various devices. Data is encrypted and stored securely. Once your supply chain partner has accepted the inivte, he can see relevant information that you share with them. Automated messages and notifications are triggered from the system and provide updates to carriers, shippers and consignees.

Transmate offers various modules, spanning the full value chain:

  • Freight procurement
  • Freight bookings
  • Transport execution
  • Invoice handling
  • Reporting

Integrate all your logistics processes in a single platform, while linking your value chain members in the cloud. Share relevant information, execute your logistics and control your costs.