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Understanding scopes

A scope is what defines the analysis (=unit of analysis) or the tender (=bid package). What is a forwarder bidding on, what is the lowest level of granularity that defines my logistics flows.


I have regular freight from France to Germany with hazardous goods and non-hazardous goods. A scope definition could be that we divide the lanes in groups:

  • France to Germany north (identified as ranges of postal codes)

  • France to Germany middle (identified as ranges of postal codes)

  • France to Germany south (identified as ranges of postal codes)

and then 2 goods categories (DG and non-DG) makes 6 groups on which a rate can be given / an analysis can be run.


In the Transmate platform, a scope can be used for:

  • a freight tender

  • an analysis

Price list structures are often analog to the tendered scope, but that does not necessarily need to be the same. In the example above, a price list can have the lanes and DG formatted in a table that can be filled out for example, or can just list the lanes and define an additional charge for the dangerous goods.

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Gepubliceerd June 01, 2022
Bijgewerkt: June 01, 2022
Gepost door: Philip Poppe
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