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Import Partners

Partners can be created in batch. Using a csv upload file, you can generate all your partners (carriers, shippers, consignees, providers, ...).



The CSV template can be downloaded here: link). The following fields can be found:

  • name: name of the partner | required | (e.g. "DSV road")

  • id: reference id from your ERP | optional

  • type: either "carrier", "shipper" or "provider" | required | defaults to "carrier"

  • notes: textual notes | optional|

contact fields:

  • firstName: contact's first name

  • lastName: contact's last name

  • email: contact's email

  • phone: contact's phone

If you want to upload multiple contacts, you can duplicate the rows for each partner.

Uploading the file

Select the file and hit the upload button.

The file will be uploaded and you are redirected to the import page:

The result tab will show generated partners.

If an error occurred, you can revert the import by clicking revert

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Published June 01, 2022
Updated: June 01, 2022
Posted by: Philip Poppe
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