Locations can be created in batch. Using a CSV upload file, you can generate all your partners (carriers, shippers, consignees, providers, ...).



The CSV template can be downloaded here: link). The following fields can be found:

  • name: name of the location| optional | (e.g. "Warehouse 1")
  • country: country or ISO2 code of the location| required| e.g. France
  • city: city name| optional | e.g. Paris
  • zipCode: zip of the location | required | e.g. 10000
  • street: street address | optional |
  • nr: house number | optional |
  • bus: bus | optional |
  • id: identifier in your ERP system | optional
  • notes:  textual notes | optional|
  • notesLoading:  textual notes | optional|
  • notesPacking: textual notes | optional |
  • openingHours: textual notes | optional|
  • input: address written out in a single string | optional*** |

important: either an inputs string is given, either the country and zipcode is given. Passing in both will result in a validation error.

Uploading the file

Select the file and hit the upload button.

The file will be uploaded and you are redirected to the import page:

The result tab will show generated partners.

If an error occurred, you can revert the import by clicking revert