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Published on March 14, 2023 | min read

Streamline Your Webshop Operations with Transmate

Transmate's parcel now has Automated Boxing, Direct Booking, and Live Tracking for Improved Efficiency and Cost. Transmate's parcel shipping module simplifies and streamlines webshop operations, allowing shippers to integrate their webshop with any parcel shipper. A warehouse pick and pack interface helps operators to properly box items, get parcel labels and place shipment bookings. Once shipped, Transmate tracks shipping events from parcel carriers and synchronizes events.

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Are you struggling with increasing your web shop’s efficiency while handling growing number of orders? Do you wish to automate the processes associated with parcel shipping yet have limited resources and bandwidth to implement a complete solution? Transmate's innovative parcel module is the answer! Whether it’s integration, cost calculations, pick and pack or booking shipments – our powerful module automates all these complex steps for seamless delivery. With one integrated platform managing all your parcel logistics needs, it has never been simpler to keep up with daily orders from customers. Explore how Transmate's solutions can revolutionize your supply chain management now!

The Transmate parcel shipping module is the ultimate solution to automating your webshop operations. When connecting Transmate to your webshop, you can simplify your warehouse operations and order fullfilment process. Shop-specific connectors (e.g. for Shopify) or our standard API's, allow you to connect your webshop with ease. Once connected, Transmate can calculate shipping costs during the customer checkout process, can propose boxing configuration and perform parcel shipment booking from within a single platform. Once shipped, Transmate tracks the shipment live and can be used to get alerts on late shipments.

Transmate parcel checkout process
Transmate parcel checkout

Integrating your webshop with the parcel shipping module from Transmate is an easy and convenient process! Using Shop specific connectors, such as Shopify, you can quickly integrate your webshop into the module. If your eCommerce platform is not compatible with the shop specific connector, you can utilize Transmate's Standard API to synchronize orders in real time.

With Transmate's parcel shipping module, the process of shipment from cart to order is optimized for both customers and business owners. Let's see the steps along the process:

  1. Customer checkout: Transmate calculates the boxing configuration for the order and calculates the shipping costs. This shipment cost is returned and is visible in the order summary.

  2. Fulfillment: After the customer confirms, the order data and the optimal boxing configuration is synced with Transmate. The order is transformed into a shipment and is listed as a task in the warehouse operation screen

  3. Pick & Pack: From their to do list, warehouse operators pick and pack the order and print shipping labels directly from the system. For this, Transmate shows the different shipping options and proposes a best-fit carrier.

  4. Tracking: Once the shipment has been picked up, Transmate actively tracks the shipment status, and updates all timestamps in the shipment. When the shipment has been delivered, the actual delivery time and proof of delivery is captured.

  5. Costs: Transmate accrues all costs and can verify parcel carrier invoice against calculated charges.

parcel shipment fullfilment process
parcel shipment fullfillment process

All together this a streamlined package shipping process that helps makes packing and shipping easier than ever before. Warehouse operators are assisted in their picking process and planners can maintain the oversight at all times.

Transmate's parcel shipping module can save time and money for shippers by automating the process of boxing, during checkout and warehouse picking. The module utilizes an algorithm to calculate the ideal configuration, based on all available boxes in the warehouse, their dimensions and stacking rules. This helps reduce empty shipments, improve box utilization and ultimately lead to cost savings.

With Transmate's parcel shipping module, operators in the warehouse are able to operate with greater efficiency. An easy-to-use interface shows the items that need to be placed in each box. Once packed, the best fit shipping options are given, and booked from the interface with a simple click. Everything can be easily managed from the same system. The automated integration of booking shipments enables fast and efficient delivery of parcels.

parcel shipments - label options
parcel shipments - label options

After the parcel carrier has picked up the shipment, Transmate actively tracks the progress. All status updates are synced with Transmate. Once delivered at the customer, the actual arrival time is updated and the proof of delivery saved. All steps are synced to the shipment in Transmate and are consultable at all times.

Parcel shipments tracking details
Parcel shipments tracking details

The Transmate parcel shipping module offers major advantages for shippers looking to integrate their webshop. Calculating costs, automating pick and pack operations, as well as booking shipments directly are streamlined through the use of this module. Not only does this make it easier for shippers to control their daily operations, but any business utilizing these integrated features is going to see significant time and money savings in the long run. By implementing these features that the Transmate parcel shipping module has to offer, businesses have more control over their order fulfillment process and can reap many benefits from convenience and efficiency.