Exact online connector

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  • Connect Transmate TMS
  • Allocate carriers & make bookings
  • Integrated communication (chat)
  • Document Management
  • Automatic freight allocation or trigger spot rate requests
  • Get freight costs posted back in Exact Sales orders
  • Automatically create orders in exact for carriers
  • Share information with any value chain member

Freight allocation

Transmate's exact online connector brings the power of Transmate's freight engine right to Exact online. Orders and deliveries that are synced to Transmate can allocated according to your procurement strategy: pre-tendered freight or through a spot rate request.

Once a shipment is allocated to a carrier, Transmate will automatically record the costs back in your exact online order and will allow you to accrue any foreseen shipping costs.

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Get cost data in exact

The Transmate connector will post back the Transmate TMS tracking number once a delivery has been created.
When shipment costs are calculated, Transmate can post back the shipping costs and add them to the sales order and can create an order to the supplier with the costs, in order to facilitate invoice handling.

This is applicable for any shipping service (parcel, FTL, FCL, FCL, LCL) and all shipping modes road, air, ocean.

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