Freight tender



      How does it work?

      Transmate can be used as a stand-alone platform as well as a fully-integrated bolt-on to your ERP, WMS or CMS. As a stand-alone, you can get started with minimal IT requirements. It is possible to get started as stand-alone and to implement a data connection later on.

      • Stand-alone
      • Fully integrated with ERP, WMS or CMS

      Transmate is cloud-based and accessible from anywhere, on various devices. Data is encrypted and stored securely. Once your supply chain partner has accepted the inivte, he can see relevant information that you share with them. Automated messages and notifications are triggered from the system and provide updates to carriers, shippers and consignees.

      Transmate offers various modules, spanning the full value chain:

      • Freight procurement
      • Freight bookings
      • Transport execution
      • Invoice handling
      • Reporting

      Integrate all your logistics processes in a single platform, while linking your value chain members in the cloud. Share relevant information, execute your logistics and control your costs.