For shippers

Control tower

Control your logistics' using a central, independent cloud based platform. Get pro-active alerts and monitor performance

Connect value chain partners

Connect your value chain partner's ERP and TMS systems trough Transmate data connection services.

Freight Tendering

Send out RFQ's and compare carriers on price and service level easily using Transmate freight management module saving time and resources.

For shippers

Automate logistics operations

Reduce logistics operations costs by 30% by eliminating cumbersome communication loops during freight booking by using Transmate’s automatic freight allocation logic.

Automatically select carriers from preferred carrier lists and send out shipment requests instantly. Collect all booking confirmations and shipment data centrally and track carrier acceptance.

Centralize all Your shipment data

Centralize all shipment data and updates by connecting all your carriers on transmate data hub with various data options such as ERP/TMS connections, data file uploads and mobile phone app for truck drivers.

Data collection can be as easy as an web form where your value chain members can enter data, upload documents or register a non-conformance.

Share information with your stakeholders

Share information with your stakeholders such as consignees, forwarders, agents and more,  reducing email chains and phone calls. Free up 15-20% time in customer service eliminating customer feedback on goods status by using Transmate’s customizable track and trace platform where all your customers can check the status of their shipment on line, anywhere. The portal can be added seamlessly on your own website in matching style.

freight tender and rate management

Reduce freight tender time by sending out RFQ’s centrally and simulate shipment cost with Transmate’s freight module. Get best fit carriers and check corresponding lead time and service level. Use quality and performance parameters while bench marking carriers.

Do automatic carrier allocation or freight rate lookup based on active freight rate sheets and shipment information.

Synchronize shipment costs with ERP or TMS systems for accruals or use Transmate carrier self-billing module to settle freight invoice payments, reducing more time on invoice verification and accounting staff.

Take control Over your supply chain

Take control over your supply chain with Transmate’s control tower and analysis interface. Get pro-active alerts on deviations and delivery issues. Measure carrier performance and investigate pain points in your supply chain. 

Monitor carrier booking acceptance rate and measure actual delivery performance in daily, weekly or monthly reports. Track shipment milestones and increase shipment visibility for any stakeholder involved.

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Features for shippers

Issue Management

Log non-conformances for each shipment and follow up on corrective actions. Draw reports and track corrective actions with stakeholders.

Settle complaints

Resolve complaints/claims using a central interface. Initiate complaints in a central system, jointly work out corrective actions & follow up.

Single invoice 

Transmate's can offer single invoice logistics, consolidating all your carrier invoices in 1, Contact us for more information


Transmate is build on real-time web principles. Every relevant update will get streamed to the connected stakeholders instantly,

Google geo validation

All addresses are validated using the Google Geo validation API, reducing errors & allowing to calculate the ecological footprint.

Slot bookings

Busy times at the loading docks? Reduce waiting hours by using Transmate time slot bookings to optimize your loading docks. (beta feature)