Rate Management

Reduce up to 30% in shipment processing costs by reducing administration in shipment processing.
Centralize all your freight rates

Centralize all your freight rates centrally and automatically assign costs in shipments.

Manage additional costs

Keep track of additional freight costs and initiate approval workflows.

Handle shipment invoices

Allow for carrier self billing, settling invoice disputes on beforehand.

Maintain all your freight rates centrally

Transmate helps you organize your active freight rates as well as your pending rate requests.


Determine your best fit carrier

Transmate can automatically select carriers based on rate and service level using the integrated rate tables.

Calculate shipping costs on the fly

Transmate freight engine picks up shipment costs from active rate tables allowing to track costs easily and allowing freight accruals to be set.

Keep track of your additional costs

Transmate helps you to keep track of additional costs such as waiting hours and trigger approval workflows

Carrier self-billing and invoice verification

Invoices are checked against the calculated shipment costs. See invoice differences in one overview. Our reporting layer will provide you additional data insights on costs structures and spend categories.

How it works

Transport Management

Save time and cost by automating your supply chain operations by automatically booking shipments, exchanging shipment information and document management. A customizable tracking portal lets your customers track their goods.

Rate Management

Take control of your costs by managing your shipping rates, automatic rate calculations and freight invoice management.

Freight Tendering

Spend less time in executing freight tender exercises and more on decision making using Transmate freight tender simulation tool. See best fit carriers and compare service level as well as price.


Get better insights in your logistics operations using Transmate integrated analytics. Track in real-time your performance using Transmate integrated dashboard allowing you to check KPI’s and statuses

Data integration

Centralize all shipment data and updates with easy data connections: EDI, csv, mobile app and data collection interfaces. Smart mapping algorithms reduce implementation time on data connections to a minimum set-up time.

Integrated Optimization

Transmate can help you improving your flows through network optimization and freight tender optimization. Contact us for more information on optimization and other services.