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Published on June 09, 2021 | min read

Introducing rateFlows

e-procurement, approval flows, RFQ's analysis and more

Introducing rateFlows

After receiving multiple requests to extend our existing procurement and analysis functionality beyond logistics, we are now introducing .

Transmate's procurement functionality is focused on freight and logistics; Freight rate cards (road, ocean, air) and spot rate cards, combined with a tender (RFQ) or spot rate request system and topped by various flavors of analysis & simulations. The platform provides all the tools for logistics procurement and planners to acquire and access the applicable rates to make freight bookings. Transmate's dynamic templates allow procurement to get a digital copy of their rate cards in the cloud. These rate cards are both a close visual representation as well as a digital recipe to calculate freight costs. Planners or company employees the like, can consult and perform simulations in a single platform. Combined with Transmate's TMS, automatic allocation and bookings can be made to fully automate the logistics process and save administrative throughput time.

Extending that functionality, rateFlows now offers a full scoped rate management platform where any rate card (freight, direct or indirect) can be loaded in the cloud. Vendors can access the platform and view their approved rate cards or request pricing updates. The platform can trigger automated approval flows that route in the organization.  Procurement managers can launch price requests or full scoped tenders. The integrated analysis tools allow to quickly assess the bids and award best-fit applications. is hence a rate management and e-procurement tool that allows vendors, procurement and in-company employees to modify, consult or inquire rates - all in a single platform.

Thanks to rateFlows, procurement can:

  • save time updating & validating rate cards in their company by offering a single rate warehouse

  • save time tracking expiring rates by automated notifications

  • get full insight in rate changes both on a rate card level and on a single cell level

  • save time getting updated rates approved in the organization with automated approval flows

  • get full insights in rate coverage, adoption and more with integrated reporting

and in-company employees can:

  • save time and reduce errors in finding and applying the correct rates.

  • save time in flagging missing rates.

  • see new or updates rates being approved faster and reduce idle time