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Published on April 16, 2018 | min read

How to manage pricelists

Every shipper has multiple carriers with at least 1 price-list, how to select the correct (active) price-list for each shipment?

How to manage pricelists

Tender cycles get shorter and the transport rates evolve and adapt to new rules. Also (geo)political decisions might have huge impacts on the supply chains of carriers and shippers. Custom rules can change, affecting waiting times , favoring one route over another. (ie Brexit)!

Our customers all rely on multiple carriers to reduce risk and increase the service options to their end customers. Some carriers will then have multiple price-lists each with their specs (lead-time, services, tail lifts, time & day Definite...). This means that for every shipment many options and price lists need to be evaluated.

Transmate develops a user friendly platform where users will be presented with the correct price-list(s) based on the service they require. This selection can be limited by business rules or in an API/EDI setup fully automated.

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