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Published on January 16, 2023 | min read

FIFA 2022 - Managing supply chain complexity with Transmate TMS and mobile app

Read how FIFA Qatar streamlined their VIP catering logistics using Transmate TMS, mobile app and freight procurement platform. Learn how they could organize all shipments to and from the event location, tender all freight, execute and oversee the operations, and handle all freight invoices.

FIFA 2022 - Managing supply chain complexity with Transmate TMS and mobile app

With the FIFA 2022 World Cup behind us, we can reflect on the massive undertaking of this one of the world’s largest sporting events. All eyes were on Qatar as it prepared to host one of the world’s largest sporting events. While the excitement was palpable, so too was the stress that accompanies planning and executing a major event like this. Supply chain managers play an integral role in overcoming this complexity associated with such a huge undertaking, and Transmate's TMS along with its mobile app provides peace of mind that everything will be running smoothly leading up to the event. In this blog post, we'll explore how Transmate's platform helped our customer to manage its supply chain operations in preparation for FIFA 2022.

Our customer has been at the top of the professional event catering game for years, and it shows in its dedication to the best experience possible. From expertly coordinating food logistics ahead of time to providing discriminating diners with flavorful experiences on-site, our customer puts attention to every detail. With a comprehensive team that can provide additional support services – from setup staff to bartenders to waiters – there's no better pick for events as lavish as those that our customer caters for. Whether for simple corporate needs or large-scale VIP parties, this customer brings a commitment to excellence you won't find elsewhere.

And in order to make their operations run smoothly, our customer relies on Transmate. All movements from and to the event are fully managed using Transmate's TMS. With a cloud-based centralized planning dashboard and a complementary mobile app, both planners, as well as field operators, can track shipments in real-time. Moreover, other parties involved, such as material suppliers, carriers, agents, and others can access the platform and collaborate together in the cloud. This collaborative approach drastically reduces administrative overhead and simplifies operations at the event locations.

More than 300 individual container shipments were required to bring in all food, catering equipment and tents.

For FIFA 2022 in Qatar, more than 300 individual container shipments were required. These carried either VIP catering equipment, food, or non-food items to deliver guests a memorable VIP experience. These shipments originated from various locations: some brought equipment that could be re-used after terminated events, some brought equipment from suppliers, and others carried food. The key was to make sure that all arrived on time at the location, and that - if deviations occurred - planners could anticipate on time.

Transmate event logistics
Transmate event logistics

Transmate's centralized project dashboard gives oversight: which shipment is in what status, what is on-site, and what not. Planners of material suppliers or carriers can access the very same dashboard, to amend the information, attach documents and collaborate on the shipments.

For the planners of our customer, Transmate brought them more than just operational excellence. With its integrated procurement module, planners could scout the market for competitive transport rates for all shipments from and to the event location. The shipments were bundled in packages on which carriers could place bids. All communication to the carriers and freight forwarders for the bidding was completely automated. When carriers were selected, they got all confirmations, costs were fixed in the shipments and all lost bidders were properly notified.

Transmate's tender module helped our customer to drastically save in shipment costs. For the all shipments, the best fit carriers could be selected with ease. The price request module provided a clear interface that simulated all rates for all shipments side by side, including a benchmark with historical offers for reference. With a simple click, the planners could select all rates, and the platform handled the rest.

Transmate mobile app was an essential tool for a successful running of the event. With this convenient app, ground personnel had access to an overview of all inbound and outbound shipments, allowing them to keep track of any potential issues beforehand. This mobile TMS provided users the ability to sign off arrivals and document any potentially broken goods in case of deviations. These logs were then immediately synced with the central platform, helping both the operators and their warehouse staff maintain accurate records of each delivery's progress.

After Argentina's party was over and it was time to pack in. Transmate TMS and mobile app seamlessly came to the rescue once again. Tons of equipment and materials needed to be packaged for delivery - some designated for other events, others returned back to Europe. Planners saw that all shipments needed logistical coordination and that’s when ground personnel stepped in with the help of Transmate to arrange everything. In the end, even though there were a number of moving pieces, Transmate helped ensure that all deliveries arrived at their respective destinations on-time without any issues.

Following the conclusion of the world cup, Transmate's invoice module was put to use for invoice audit purposes. If carriers and forwarders want to invoice quickly and accurately, they can take advantage of the self-billing tool found on the carrier portal. This allows their invoices to be properly assessed and, if all goes well, released quickly for payment. With integration between our customer's payment system, invoice approvals processes have been streamlined significantly—making work faster and allowing finance teams to focus on more important matters.

Finally, our customer's management can gain extremely useful insights into their operations with the integrated BI dashboard from Transmate. This integrated approach allows stakeholders to keep track of all event logistics costs, transport costs and invoice approvals via easy-to-interpret graphical reports. By centralizing all of their finance operations into one integrated platform, executives are able to effectively manage their operations in a comprehensive and concise way, allowing them to make informed decisions and stay ahead of any possible challenges.

Altogether, the World Cup was a great success. This would not have been possible without our customer's organization and Transmate's logistics platform. The platform allowed our customer to keep track of shipments, costs and streamline all processes. If you want to see how the platform could benefit your own operations, take a look. You might be surprised at how much it can help your business run smoothly.