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Published on May 28, 2021 | min read

Event logistics reinvented

Transmate introduces an improved control tower for event logistics, giving suppliers, carriers and organizers a tool to track movements from and to any event or project

Event logistics reinvented

As the COVID vaccination campaigns come to stream, normal life picks up again. Social activities such as going to restaurants or drinking beers with friends will become the usual again. Some even speak of a return to the roaring 20's... If that prophecy holds remains to be seen, but what is certain is that people will want to go out again: concerts, gigs and other events will drive people together.  And while this poses a challenge in doing it all safely, it also creates a tremendous challenge in getting everything in (from furniture to drinks) on time.

People often have no idea of the amount of planning that is involved in organizing such an event. Organizers need to keep track of a wide range of suppliers that need to deliver their cargo on the right time. Working together with these material suppliers, subcontractors, carriers and event organizers while keeping the information in sync and up-to-date to all requires a lot of coordination from staff and planners. It is stress-inducing to keep the oversight: event organizers are more-often-than-not in constant contact with all parties either by phone, by email or on-site, coordinating all flows. It is both time consuming and error prone.

To help event and project organizers, Transmate introduces its improved event dashboard. The dashboard provides real-time tracking of all shipments to (inbound) and from (outbound) an event. Building on Transmate's connectivity platform, inviting partners and giving them access to their relevant shipments can be done in a few clicks. This allows planners and event organizers to bring clarity and transparency in the planning.  The event dashboard summarizes the origin, the type of goods and relevant information of these shipments in a single page. Material suppliers can logon and consult the planning and see instant updates.

Tackling the complexity in a concise overview: all parties are instantly updated on changes in the planning and updates in status. The platform allows to trigger alerts and notifications - is a shipment bound to arrive? Is a shipment late? Which shipments are assigned to who?

On top of that, the dashboard extends Transmate's rate and tender capabilities, so that carriers can be invited to bid on freight and transport costs can be monitored. Event planners can launch spot requests and assign to best fit partners. All communication is automated, freeing the hands of the planners. Transmate offers integrated reporting that gives clarity in costs, shipment status, carrier assignments and more.

Many event organizers or contractors already rely on Transmate to streamline their processes, from motor Grand Prix, international tennis tournaments to multi-day concert and gigs. Transmate offers the right platform and tools for the planners to improve their event logistics .