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Published on May 28, 2021 | min read

Grand prix logistics

Transmate helps tackling the complexity of the supply chain involved with events such as major motor Grand prix

Grand prix logistics

The Grand Prix - many a little boy dreams of it - appeals to the imagination of the crowds. Shiny racing cars racing head-to-head with deafening noise while the audience goes nuts. Apart from the race, spectators can treat themselves to some good food while sniffing the atmosphere (and fumes). Or even better, many sponsors invite their customers for VIP treatment with fine meals and exquisite wines. Networking with customers and treating them well improves the relationship and perhaps the value of their contracts. What can be better than enjoying the race with a stomach filled. Spectators often have no idea of the logistics involved around these types of event. Little do they know about the caravan of trailers and containers bringing goods and the like to make the event memorable.

An additional level of complexity involved with these types of events is that they are planned in series. A motor Grand Prix season can start in Bahrain, then move to Italy, Brazil or Japan to then again move on to the next site. Assets need to be moved from and to these locations, but many goods move from event to event and are being reused . A container of tents is packed in Bahrain to be used again in the next event in Italy. A delay in outbound shipments can have a detrimental effect on the next event and so on. Planners need to track both outbound and inbound shipments from event A and B to make sure all arrives in due time. A failure to do so can result in a less-than-expected VIP treatment, unhappy customers and ultimately in a loss in revenue.

To help planners and event organizers Transmate's event dashboard allows to track these chained shipments. The outbound and inbound tabs show the shipment from and to the event location. Updates in outbound shipments are immediately reflected in the inbound shipments of the next event if they are linked. A delay in the outbound shipment can trigger an alert on the incoming location. Material suppliers, carriers and staff at the destination have full visibility of what is the status of the shipments between these locations and can act accordingly.

event dashboards of events are linked for linked shipments

Many event organizers or contractors already rely on Transmate to streamline their processes, from Grand Prix, international tennis tournaments to multi-day concert and gigs. Transmate offers the right platform and tools for the planners to improve their event logistics .