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Transmate Interface


Left menu

The left hand side menu allows you to jump between the different functions:

on this menu:

  • shipments: brings you to the shipment overview screen and shipment detail screens

  • Partners: give you an overview of your active partners and allows to see partner details

  • Locations: your address book

  • Price lists: quotations you received from your carriers/ RFQ from shippers

  • Price analysis: shipment cost simulations you ran based on quotations received and historic data

Top search bar

The top search bar allows you to immediately search by shipment number, partner name, location, etc

Simply type in what you are looking for and select from the drop down the item you are looking for

Accessing your account

You can access your account by clicking the account icon on the top right

Accessing help

You can access help by clicking on the help icon in the left bottom corner

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Publié June 01, 2022
Actualisé: June 01, 2022
posté par: Philip Poppe
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