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Set-up lead times

Set-up Lead times

What is a lead time? - A lead time is the time it takes for a carrier to take the load from pickup location to drop off location. The lead time can depend on lanes and can be dependent on the service level (is there a dedicated truck or is it a combination).

The lead times are structured in a table to allow carriers to set-up their fixed pickup days and non-active days.

The matrix shows a row for each zone that was defined in the base rate table. Next, the transit time for LTL and FTL are entered. Finally a color code indicates if a truck has a fixed pickup day/ can be arranged for under FTL service level or when no pickups can take place.

You can set the pickup's by clicking on the dot. It will cycle through LTL &FTL>no-pickup>FTL only.

The lead times are being used in the freight simulation and by the freight engine to determine if the goods can be delivered in the same lead time or not. (e.g. if goods are ready on Monday and we need a 3 day lead time, can we make a delivery on Wednesday?)

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Publié June 01, 2022
Actualisé: June 01, 2022
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