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Set-up additional costs

Additional costs

Additional costs are surcharges, fees that are calculated on top of the base rate. E.g. a stop cost, waiting hours, etc.

Click on the Additional Cost tab in the menu of the price list;

This tab give you an overview of which additional costs have been defined.

Adding additional costs

click on the Add additional costs button.

A dialog opens to set the additional price.

Additional Cost Dialog

The additional cost can either be:

  • Fixed - will occur given parameters in a shipment: #stops, shipment, etc.

  • Input - based on an input which will be given later (e.g. a waiting hour)

Example: Cost for each extra stop

  1. In the name field, enter the name of the additional charge. e.g. Extra stop cost.

  2. In the value field enter the cost value and how it should be calculated (use % to calculate the cost based on a percent of the base rate) e.g. 100eur in the example here

  3. The multiplier field let's you indicate what base should be taken. let's take "per stop" 

  4. Finally the minimum and maximum allow you to set a minimum and maximum on the additional charge. e.g. the total charge for stops may not exceed 400 euro We can set this as such.

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