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Price list

Price lists

A price list stores shipment prices for a shipper from a specific carrier. The price list is the "contract" between both parties on service and cost.

The price stores transport prices for:

  • specific lanes (from country to country)

  • specific service level (standard, express,...)

  • specific transport modes (air, road, ocean, ...)

  • specific transport requirements (such as dangerous goods classes, transport equipment, etc.)

  • specific validity period

The price list is split in a header section where the general parameters of the price list are stored, and a details section. In the details section the rates are structured by quantity class and by destination zone, the additional costs are defined and the service level is stored.

Price lists can be created either by shippers (to store prices that were obtained through 3rd party channels) or can be created by carriers following a rate request. Once the price list is validated it can be activated or archived. Only active price lists are used by the transmate freight engine to calculate shipment costs. Outside the validity period, the price list will automatically become inactive.

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